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High Quality Kiosks Made in USA at Reasonable Prices.






The exterior finish of a kiosk is imparted by the kiosk enclosure housing the hardware and software, and is a critical design element as it plays a vital role in wooing the prospective client. At Kiosks, Inc., you will find these enclosures available in varied styles. They are made in different sizes, shapes and materials that you can select as per your preferences and requirements. Computer Kiosk Manufacturers

Standalone enclosure

Standalone kiosk has an exterior similar to the video game box found in shopping arcades. It has been widely used for years because of the fact that until recently, the kiosks required a lot of space for housing the bulky monitor, computer and printer. With time, they have given way to sleek and compact standalone enclosures, and together the standalone kiosks represent the largest share of all kinds of kiosks visible. Because it does not have a seating arrangement in its standard design, you can go for the sleek modern version available with us in different material, sizes and shapes if you need one for a place where you are not expecting extended use by an individual user.

Wall mounted enclosure

Wall mounted kiosk enclosures are mostly designed to fit into holes that are left by the payphones that are no more used. You can use them if you need one for use as a web payphone in those locations. These are made in the same style as the traditional payphones and made in different materials such as powder coated metal, stainless steel and polycarbonates

Countertop kiosk enclosure

If you require a kiosk for a location where user does not need to be given privacy of space, a countertop enclosure is the ideal choice. Countertop kiosk enclosure is very popular in public places such as internet café and sports bar. It is widely used in the tourism and car rental industry too and is also sometimes used as web phone. Countertop enclosure can be attached on a countertop and performs the same function as other types of enclosures. In its standard design, it does not have a printer, though it can be taken care of if your requirements demand one.

Sitdown enclosure

For places, where you expect extended use of kiosks by customers, you can think of going in for sitdown kiosk enclosures. The sitdown kiosk enclosure is just like a desk having a built in bench. It does not look like a traditional enclosure but more like a pc set up on a desk. At the top of the desk there is a monitor kept in an easy to read angle. The greatest advantage of sitdown enclosure is that it comes with different user options like volume controls, card readers, telephone handsets, flat panel touch screens, pointing devices and printers.

Making the selection

Before selecting one, it is quite crucial to know whether the enclosure material is tolerant of the external abuse, environmental or otherwise – to which it is likely to be exposed to where it has to be placed. It is equally important that the material, size and shape of the enclosure must gel well with the overall décor. The cost of the enclosure may depend on the piece you go for as each material comes at a different price.
Our experts at Kiosks, Inc. will help you decide the most appropriate kiosk enclosure looking at your business needs, location where it is to be placed and various other factors.